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The mission of RSM Career Centre BSc/MSc is to be "Your guide for an impactful career" for BSc/MSc students, enabling students to be a force of positive change. With our expertise in the labour market, personal- and professional development and extensive employer relationships, we strive to prepare students for the best possible start of their career


Our services

Career Support

Our career advice is offered to you in the following ways:

With Your Career Builder you can follow online modules to identify who you are and what you want as well as prepare for the application process. Your Career Builder can be accessed via Canvas with your student log in.

Your Career Builder consist of the following modules:
1. Know who you are
2. CV optimisation
3. Cover letter writing
4. Find a mentor through RSM MentorMe
5. LinkedIn optimisation
6. Interview skills

The modules are connected to several online tools, for example to practice your interview skills.

Check the RSM Career Portal for an up to date overview of the upcoming workshops and activities. Next to hosting companies and training agencies, RSM Career Centre offers five workshops throughout the year.

How to write a CV & Cover letter - workshop
Start your application with a well-written CV and application letter. Make sure your CV gets past the Applicant Tracking System and learn about differences between industries. Does an application letter look different in the Netherlands or your home country? Come to this session to find out and get personal feedback on your own CV from our Career Development Manager.

How to prepare for an interview - workshop
In the privacy of a small group you can ask all the questions you want about job interviews. Our Career Development Manager(s) will give you tips and tricks, what to do and what not to do. You can practice handling ‘tricky questions' and ask your own. This workshop could be particularly useful if you have a job interview coming up, but it’s also useful for everyone preparing for job and internship interviews. 

LinkedIn Optimisation - workshop
LinkedIn is so much more than just your online profile. Learn how to optimise your profile so that it reflects your personal brand and becomes your own marketing tool. Our Career Development Manager will show you how to search for jobs, and how to use LinkedIn as a networking tool. You will find out why connecting with RSM alumni is a great idea for growing your own network and for learning more about companies. If you don't already have a LinkedIn profile, please create one before coming to this workshop.

How to prepare for a speed interview - workshop
In the privacy of a small group you can ask all the questions you want about speed interviews. Our Career Development Manager(s) will give you tips and tricks, what to do and what not to do. You can practice handling ‘tricky questions' and ask your own. This workshop could be particularly useful if you have a speed interview coming up for example during the International Career Event or Career Bootcamp.

Networking is not scary - workshop
Where to begin? What to do? Networking can sound daunting, and it can be tough to find a specific way to start. Join Career Development Managers Meike Kiestra and Lisanne Keir in this free workshop and let them guide you in how to approach networking and think about your own mindset.

Sign up for this sessions for BSc and MSc students by the RSM Career Centre. You’ll see: networking is fun, not scary!

Coffee with Careers - Q&A
Pop into our informal on-campus Coffee with Careers hosted by RSM Career Centre to ask short general questions about finding internships or your first steps in your career. Bring your own tea, coffee or hot chocolate!  It's based on drop in, drop out.

Location: Mandeville building, room T5-09. Next to the RSM Career Centre office, T5-03

Improve your CV (receive expert feedback in an instant), Target your CV (address employer needs and increase your chances of success)and Enhance your cover letter (learn how to optimise and personalise your cover letter). You can login with your student account to request an unique authentication link. Clicking on this link logs you in for the duration of one session. On your first login, your account is created.


RSM Career Portal

Are you looking for an internship, job or part-time job? The RSM Career Portal is the place to find your next career opportunity. There are lots of companies – partners of the RSM Career Centre – already posting their advertisements in the portal, which is exclusively for RSM students. You can look for career opportunities and upload your CV so recruiters can find you. Registering for the RSM Career Portal is via JobTeaser, an external website.


How to access the RSM Career Portal for soon-to-be graduates?

In the past, you created an account to use the RSM Career Portal. As a soon-to-be alumnus of RSM, your student email address will be deactivated after graduation. This means you can no longer access the RSM Career Portal. Please follow the next steps steps and watch the instruction video to keep using the Career Portal after graduation.

  • Login to the RSM Career Portal
  • Go to Account settings
  • Change your RSM email into your personal email (do not use the secondary email option)
  • Click on Save

What can you find on the RSM Career Portal?

The RSM Career Portal has been designed to help you get the best possible start of your career. You can use the portal:

  • to find job opportunities
  • find articles and updates about upcoming career events
  • register for career events
  • to upload your CV in the Online Talent Bank to let recruiters know you are available

Latest vacancies


RSM Career Centre recommends students to do at least one internship during their studies. An internship is an opportunity to take a closer look at a company for a short time. You can find out more about a job, about the organisation’s culture, and whether it suits you or not. All of the experience you gain during an internship is valuable for making decisions about your career and for your future.

RSM MentorMe

Your alumni community is here to help. Make a positive change with support from people who’ve been there.

We want to connect current students and RSM alumni through mentoring because it helps current students and recent graduates to prepare for their future. If you are an RSM graduate and you volunteer to become a mentor, it can also help you to become a better manager, or improve the way you deal with teams and colleagues.

Why join?

RSM MentorMe connects current students and RSM alumni through mentoring. Why you should join?

For students:
  • Take the hassle out of networking and talk directly to someone who’s been there and done that
  • Have actual company and industry insiders critique your resume and/or cover letter
  • Practice for your big interview with former company insiders who can tell you how to land the job

Your Future Career for MSc students

RSM Career Centre has developed a course to put you in the driver's seat as you prepare for your next career step.

Student in Career Centre

Information for recruiters

If you want to employ RSM students on behalf of a company or recruiter, or you are interested in a recruitment partnership with RSM, please visit the information we have prepared specifically for you.

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