When you care about what you do, you enjoy your work more, create greater impact, and can be a force for positive change. However, it can be difficult to find your passion, identify your competencies and skills, and decide which professional environment or culture is the best match for you. This is why the RSM Career Centre has developed a course to put you in the driver's seat as you prepare for your next career step.

Why is this important for you?

In 2019, only 15% of employees were happy in their full-time job

Your Future Career is a useful way for finding what motivates YOU. In which setting are you at your best? Together, we explore what suits your own values, personality and how we can build on your existing soft and hard skills. We want you to make good choices for your first career steps for a long, fulfilling, and enjoyable career.

Your Future Career uses orientation, exploration, and preparation to help you towards the most suitable next career step for you. That might be an internship, traineeship, or a job. To pass the modules, you need a minimum number of points within a few months. You can decide for yourself if you want to reflect on your interests and motivations, develop your knowledge of the job market, functions, companies, and industries, receive peer feedback on your application materials, contact an alumni mentor, or attend an interactive workshop.

14 Modules

7 Forms of Interactive Tasks

How will you be a force for positive change?

What are your life goals?

How will you figure out what suits you? 

Finding a career path that makes us feel satisfied and successful isn't easy. It's not something that is usually taught, which makes the journey that much more challenging. Most of us spend at least one-third of our lives at work – and lots of people find that their career paths define how they identify themselves – so we want to ensure that you are satisfied and happy with your decisions. 

Networking with alumni

Career skills

Personal skills


With tips from others and people who have more knowledge, we can get a level up and make the best of our profile

Seleyna Celik, MSc Finance & Investments, 2021

I learn more about myself and use the resources available to find an appropriate job

Flo Pattiwael, MSc Finance & Investments, 2021

Understand how to have a positive impact and integrate my own ambitions and SDGs into my future career

Claudia Heese, MSc Organisational Change and Consulting, 2021