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MSc Programmes

MScBA Master in Management

Learn the what, why and how of management practices.

Students in MScBA Master in Management
15 May or earlier

MScBA Parttime Master in Management (Dutch)

Bij deze tweejarige MScBA gaan werk en studie hand in hand.

Students in MScBA Parttime Master in Management
15 May or earlier

MScBA Accounting & Financial Management

Learn to master the language of business, accounting and finance.

Student in MScBA Accounting & Financial Management
15 May or earlier

MScBA Business Analytics & Management

Develop your skills in managing complex business analytics projects.

Students in MScBA Business Analytics & Management
15 May or earlier

MSc Business Information Management

Develop both a management foundation and a technical foundation.

Students in MSc Business Information Management
15 May or earlier

MSc Finance & Investments

Learn to master the theoretical foundations of finance and investments as well as practical applications.

Students in MSc Finance & Investments
15 May or earlier

MSc Global Business & Sustainability

Learn how to embed sustainability into the core of business’ operations.

Students in MSc Global Business & Sustainability
15 May or earlier

MSc International Management / CEMS

Become a responsible business leader in a more sustainable and inclusive world.

Graduates from MSc International Management / CEMS
31 January

MSc Management of Innovation

Learn about circular economy, open innovation, and intellectual property law.

Students in MSc Management of Innovation
15 May

MSc Marketing Management

Learn tools so you can create value for any kind of company or organisation.

Students in MSc Marketing Management
15 May or earlier

MSc MI Medical Business & Innovation

Learn about business models that will reshape the global healthcare system.

Student in MSc Medical Business and Innovation
15 May

MSc People, Organisations & Change

Learn to create positive change for individuals and organisations. 

Students in MSc Human Resource Management
15 May

MSc Strategic Entrepreneurship

Learn the entrepreneurial skills necessary to succeed in the global market.

Students in MSc Strategic Entrepreneurship
15 May or earlier

MSc Strategic Management

Learn how you can develop strategies that are effective, successful and beneficial for all stakeholders.

Students in MSc Strategic Management
15 May or earlier

MSc Supply Chain Management

Study from intra-logistics to strategic global collaborations between firms.

Students in MSc Supply Chain Management
15 May

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