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We want to connect current students and RSM alumni through mentoring because it helps current students and recent graduates to prepare for their future. If you are an RSM graduate and you volunteer to become a mentor, it can also help you to become a better manager, or improve the way you deal with teams and colleagues.

Why join?

RSM MentorMe connects current students and RSM alumni through mentoring. Why you should join?

For students:

  • Take the hassle out of networking and talk directly to someone who’s been there and done that
  • Have actual company and industry insiders critique your resume and/or cover letter
  • Practice for your big interview with former company insiders who can tell you how to land the job

For alumni:

  • Give the next generation the advice you wish you’d had
  • Strengthen your interpersonal relationship and coaching skills
  • Gain access to fresh ideas, fresh thinking and a fresh pool of potential future internship and job applicants

There is no IQ that can replace experience. A mentor can bring clarity and shorten the journey to one's professional destination.

Stefan R. Booy, Commodity Trader and Consultant at Booy Insights

Stefan Booy