The RSM MBA Career Centre’s mission is to become your guide to finding and pursuing an impactful career. Wherever you want to go, however you wish to specialise, the International Full-time MBA equips you with the understanding, global exposure, tools and values to lead change in our world. RSM graduates pursue careers in a broad variety of sectors and roles, with 93 per cent of graduates staying in Europe – all while contributing to a positive change. 

At RSM, we are here to guide, to coach and to connect you with opportunities to achieve your goals and find your next career. We support you in identifying your path towards an impactful career and provide the tools to navigate throughout this exciting journey.

When you study at RSM, you choose a truly international learning environment with Triple Crown accreditation, and a 12-month search visa to fully explore opportunities in the Netherlands

Employment statistics

Connecting with opportunities

World-leading companies and organisations recruit at RSM every year. From recruiting events to interview preparation, our career services team works tirelessly throughout the year to provide you with the opportunity to engage with companies that align with your strengths and advances your career interests. Our MBA students are hired by major global employers, such as Google, Amazon, Philips, ABN AMRO, ASML, FrieslandCampina, EY, and Unilever.

Employment Statistics for Full-time MBA Class of 2023

Career development journey

Knowing that the most effective way to make a career change is to begin early, the RSM MBA Career Centre recommends the following approach.

A step in the right direction

From the word ‘go’ we will help you assess your strengths, address areas of improvement and define your career roadmap.

There are many reasons why someone makes the choice to embark on an MBA at RSM:

  • to experience working with a diverse group of people
  • to learn the fundamentals of business
  • to improve soft skills such as emotional intelligence and methods to persuade and influence.

But you will often come to the core reason of why you applied for an MBA – and that’s to further your career development. This usually means that, post-MBA, there is a desire to make a career change, whether it be a functional, industry or location change.

Making an effective career changes involves, simultaneously and continually, an investment of time and energy in these essential areas:

  • Deepening your self-awareness
  • Exploring the market
  • Developing your network
  • Composing your self-marketing
  • Upgrading your career skills

To develop these areas, you will be given tools, guidance and opportunities to practise. You don’t have to do this alone. Throughout the entire programme, you are supported by peers and coaches, who ensure continual progress, learning and development. Finally, we encourage you to engage with the marketplace and put the things you’ve learned into practice.

Career services

Opportunities to explore

Whether you are still searching for the perfect career or know exactly what you want to do post-MBA, the Career Centre team provides multiple opportunities throughout the year to find your ideal job.

The list below shares just some of the examples of what you can expect from the career centre during your time in the programme:

  • Career fairs
  • MBA-tailored internships and job opportunities
  • Workshops on negotiation and interview skills
  • Company presentations
  • Individual coaching sessions
  • Leadership coaching sessions
  • Alumni networking panels

Alumni network

Be in good company

Your journey at RSM does not end with graduation. When you complete your MBA you become part of the global RSM alumni community – an international network of nearly 50,000 movers, shakers and change-makers around the world who share the same values and vision of a better world as you do.

RSM MentorMe

MentorMe helps current students to prepare for their future. It can also help them to become a better manager and to improve the way they deal with teams and colleagues.
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It has opened my eyes to the wider business world and exposed me to the diverse cultures in the cohort. Boskalis is an international firm, so I worked with many cultures already. But there are around 40 nationalities in the MBA, and everyone has diverse professional backgrounds too. This helped me broaden my perspectives and see problems from different angles. This is really useful when I work with people with different opinions in the future.

Irena Doets, MBA Class of 2023

What stood out from other universities the most was the culture of RSM, how the school strives to be a force of positive change.

Alejandro Palma, Venezuelan, MBA Class of 2022

In this period, you will see a version of yourself you haven't seen before, uncovering strengths and weaknesses that you didn't know you had.

Natalia Almendariz Perea, Peruvian, MBA Class of 2022

The RSM MBA has placed me in close proximity to like-minded people who are passionate about promoting sustainability in business. It gives me hope that future leaders are on the right track towards building a better, more equitable future for the next generations. 

Ananth Sai Reddy Eragam, Indian, MBA Class of 2022

When you enter the MBA, it's a whole new world. Be prepared to change, in every aspect.

Georgios Lampridis, Greek, MBA Class of 2022

Hugo Barbosa Vazquez

What recruiters are looking for in MBAs - Hugo Barbosa Vazquez