Erasmus Energy Forum 2015

Erasmus Energy Forum 2015

June 18 - 19
Redefining the energy landscape: the transition towards decentralised sustainable energy. Bridging Business, Science and Policy

The fourth annual Erasmus Energy Forum will be over two days: Business Day and Science Day. The Erasmus Energy Forum 2015 is part of the EU Sustainable Energy Week 2015.

Business Day

Business Day on Thursday, 18 June 2015 brings together energy practitioners, policy makers, and researchers from economics, computer science, behavioural science and management science to debate challenges to the transition towards the decentralised provision of sustainable energy. Our speakers and panels will address three major themes:

1.    Transition towards decentralised sustainable energy: evolution or revolution - a strategy and policy perspective

  • Transition towards decentralised sustainable energy: evolution or revolution?

  • Implications and directions for the EU and national energy policy

  • Governance of the transition process towards a sustainable energy system

  • Who is financing the transition towards decentralised energy? The role of banks, pension funds and venture capitalists

2.    Transition towards decentralised sustainable energy – the city perspective

  • Decentralised energy production and the role of energy co-operatives and self-employment

  • Strategies for flexibility; demand-side management and new business models

  • Technology enablers and breakthroughs

3.    Transition towards decentralised sustainable energy – the port perspective

  • How can Port of Rotterdam facilitate the transition?

  • What is the role of the Port in the new decentralised energy landscape?

  • Towards a smart energy grid in the Port: energy production, storage, trading and re-use

Science Day

Science Day on Friday, 19 June 2015 aims to engage academic researchers in a dialogue that examines the future of energy business, especially in the context of how energy informatics can foster energy efficiency. It focuses on in-depth scientific work and the results of research from research institutes worldwide.

Conference Chairman is Professor Wolf Ketter, Director of the Erasmus Centre for Future Energy Business. He says: “The beauty of the Forum is the breadth of its speakers. We will have presentations, speakers and debate from every perspective; from the port perspective, from consumer behaviour, from energy producers, from industrial users, from research and from politics.”