Implementing Open Innovation

Implementing Open Innovation

How can you help your organisation succeed in creating new business? Investments and partnerships provide opportunities for innovation and new business development. During this programme, you will uncover the challenges and importance of corporate innovation as part of a corporate open innovation strategy.

Small firms and start-ups play an increasingly important role in our economy nowadays. Disruptive innovations and business models are creating new market and value networks, posing a major threat to more established firms. To sustain a competitive advantage, your firm must get access to the knowledge of these start-ups and incorporate these into its new business development process. Through open innovation, organisations can benefit from external partners for new business development with a better risk profile.

During this intensive two-day RSM Executive Education programme, you will discover the latest academic perspectives of corporate venturing and its role in the corporate innovation process. Building on company cases and your own experience, you will learn best practices from experts, and exchange knowledge and experience with your peers.

Key benefits

During the programme, you will:

  • learn the importance of corporate venturing in sustaining innovation
  • explore how to leverage the corporate environment to start and grow new businesses
  • discover how to use different strategies to access external innovation
  • learn how to deal with different cultures and behaviour
  • understand the importance of leadership and team composition in venturing initiatives
  • strategise how to create a culture that supports innovation
  • learn how to nurture and develop value-creating ideas.