Leading Business Model Innovation Workshops

Leading Business Model Innovation Workshops

‘Doing it yourself’ can be an effective way to create change and innovation in your own company. The hands-on approach of this programme prepares you to organise your own workshops for innovating your
company’s business model. You will learn to develop, set up and host innovation workshops.

A highly effective way to develop new business model concepts for generating new ideas and for fostering a culture of innovation among employees is to organise your own workshops. Leading the workshops
yourself – instead of hiring an external facilitator – means the process takes place in a ‘safe space’ and also means you can make sure ideas are followed up properly.

During this intensive two-day RSM Executive Education programme, you will learn how to organise and lead workshops that take business model innovation as a central theme, but keep a broad perspective. Use your employees’ expertise and experience to innovate the whole business – not just product and
service innovation.

Key benefits

During the programme, you will:

  • learn how to facilitate business model innovation (BMI) workshops
  • discover a methodology for running your own workshops
  • develop alternative methodologies according to your workshop’s purpose
  • understand the tools used in workshops, including trend analysis, individual and collective creativity techniques, and business case analysis
  • practice the use of innovation models used in workshops, including the business model canvas, the disruptive innovation model, the five forces model, and the lean development approach
  • learn an appropriate teaching style for a BMI workshop
  • develop a personal teaching plan for your BMI workshop.