Online Experimentation and Big Data

Online Experimentation and Big Data

Big data and the internet can help organisations to improve sales, click-through rates, product ratings, and online and word-of-mouth recommendations. They have changed the way firms connect with their consumers. More transactions take place online, and retail stores are often used for window-shopping before people make an online purchase.

So what’s your business strategy for improving conversion and online interactions with your customers? Unfortunately, false correlations from your consumer data and drawing the wrong conclusions often lead to poor decisions and missed business opportunities. The upside of big data and the widespread adoption of internet, smartphones and technology, is that you can quickly learn about your consumers from online test and control experiments – A/B tests – while respecting their privacy. Advances in optimisation methods allow you to have better results by running adaptive online experiments. 

During this two-day RSM Executive Education course, you will explore planning and designing online experiments, and discuss the important issues and challenges of your B2C online presence. You will get hands-on training to refine your online strategy, and learn from Dr Gui Liberali, a leading international academic with experience in developing methods to optimise A/B experiments.

Key benefits

After completing this programme, you will:

  • discover the strategy, technology and methods of online experimentation
  • know which key elements are necessary for your team to adopt the latest technology in adaptive online experiments, and build a plan for it
  • understand ethical limits and the importance of privacy
  • be equipped to contract and manage A/B testing services from major suppliers.