Values-Based Leadership

Values-Based Leadership

Creating a shared sense of purpose can inspire employees’ ownership of the company mission, vision, and strategy, helping an organisation stay on track. It can also reduce employees’ temptation to act unethically, and decrease their resistance to change, thereby creating employee engagement and commitment to the organisation, a significant leadership challenge in today’s workplace.

Traditional “carrot-and-stick leadership” that uses incentives aims to motivate followers, but can only take organisations so far. RSM Executive Education offers you a two-day programme designed to help managers better mobilise and inspire people. The Values-Based Leadership programme brings people closer to each other and to the organisation’s objectives.

A more committed workforce that delivers higher-quality work is more creative and innovative, and more open to changes consistent with the organisation’s shared purpose. Led by Professor Daan van Knippenberg, the programme will show you how adopting a values-based leadership approach can bring benefits to you and your organisation.

Key benefits

During the programme, you will:

  • explore the concept of values-based leadership and how it can contribute to personal and organisational development
  • learn what motivates employees and the limitations of carrot-and-stick leadership
  • prepare to build a shared purpose that inspires people
  • understand how sharing the lead empowers people and encourages them to engage with their work
  • start to build credibility and legitimacy by being authentic.