Elective Registration

Elective Registration

  • During the Spring semester all students will take three different electives in block 3, 4 and 5. We distinguish two types of electives:

    • Master programme electives (MPE's): these are electives offered by the own MSc-programme.
    • Master free electives (MFE's): electives offered by an MSc-programme different than the one studied by the student.

    All students should complete at least two master programme electives in order to graduate from their master programme. The third elective can be either another MPE or a MFE from another programme.

    Elective overview per master programme

    This course overview  (document will be uploaded soon) includes all programme and free electives and specifies which courses are open to which students. 

    All students can attend an elective info session for more information on electives of a particular programme or read the course description through the Course Guide.

  • Registration for the electives takes place in two different rounds. During the first round of registration, all students will be assigned to two MPE's ONLY. During the second registration round you can register for a third MPE or a MFE.

    Round 1: Monday 28 November 2016 - Wednesday 30 November 2016; students rank all the MPE's of their master programme.

    Round 2: Monday 12 December 2016 - Wednesday 14 December 2016; students will rank all the remaining electives (both MPE;s and MFE's) in their final block.

    Subscribe for the MSc Programme Enrolment channel

    The elective registration will be organised on the MSc Programme Enrolment channel on SIN-Online. Make sure to subscribe to this channel well in advance. The registration itself will become visible after 20  November (exact dates to be announced).

    Registration procedure (more information to be announced)

    Every master elective has a maximum number of spots. During the first registration round, all students need to rank all their programme electives. You give your most preferred elective ranking number 1, your second preferred elective ranking number 2 etc. etc. The total number of electives that you need to rank varies per master programme: OCC students needs to rank 5 programme electives, while FI students needs to rank 19 electives.

    After this round of registration closes an algorithm will run and assign all students two programme electives in two different blocks. We will communicate the final elective allocation to you by Thursday 8 December 2016.

    After 8 December 2016 you know which block you have left. For this remaining block you will need to complete a second preferential registration from 12 December 2016 - 14 December 2016 where you will rank all the electives in that particular block, that are 1) open to your programme and 2) not full.

    Shortly after the 14th of December 2016 you will get a third elective assigned.

    Numbers of spaces cannot be adjusted.

    This means there may not be enough room for every student for certain popular courses. Please also note that elective course instructors do not determine the number of spaces in electives, so please do not approach them about spaces in their courses.

    Choose 1 elective per block

    Please note that you cannot take more than one elective per Block. You will need to rank all your programme electives during the first round of registration. An algorithm will assign you to two programme electives in two different blocks.

    During the second registration round you will be able to rank all available free electives in your last remaining block. During this round, you will also be able to rank electives from other master programmes (free electives).

  • The majority of master programmes will be holding elective information sessions in the weeks prior to the elective registration (end of October - Mid-November). If you are interested in hearing about the electives on offer this year, we encourage you to attend any of these informational sessions. Please see the schedule below for dates and times. No registration is necessary.

    Accounting & Financial Management (slides)
    Tuesday 25 October 2016 16.00-16.45 in Theil CT-1

    Business Information Management
    No information session

    Finance & Investments (slides)
    Monday 14 November 2016 13.00-14.45 in Theil CB-1

    Global Business and Sustainability (slides)
    Thursday 24 November 2016 13.00-15.45 Van der Goot (M)1-12

    Human Resource Management (slides)
    Monday 21 November 10.00-11.45 in Mandeville (T)3-16

    Management of Innovation (slides)
    Monday 21 November 2016 15.00-16.45 in Theil (C)2-2

    Marketing Management (slides)
    Tuesday 22 November 2016 15.00-17.45 in Theil CB-5

    Organisational Change and Consulting
    No elective information session

    Strategic Entrepreneurship (slides)
    No elective information session, slides of the kick-off available.

    Strategic Management (slides)
    Thursday 17 November 11.00-12.45 in Theil CB-1

    Supply Chain Management (slides)
    Tuesday 1 November 2016 15.00-16.45 in Theil CB-5

  • There are several moments during the year where you can adjust your original elective choices. It is not possible though to switch electives between the first and second registration round. After round 2 of the registration has been completed and every student is assigned to three electives, there will be several opportunities throughout the year where you can switch electives.

    During the switch weeks, it is a first come, first serve registration, therefore you do not have to give anymore preferences.

    Overview of the switch 'weeks' (dates subject to change)

    Switch week after initial registration rounds: Thursday 22 December 2016 08.30am - Monday 2 January 2017 midnight (preliminary date)

    Switch week Block 3: Tuesday 17 January 2017 08.30am - Sunday 22 January 2017 midnight (preliminary date)

    Switch week Block 4: Monday 6 March 2017 08.30am - Sunday 12 March 2017 midnight (preliminary date)

    Switch week Block 5: Monday 24 April 2017 08.30am - Sunday 30 April 2017 midnight (preliminary date)

    All switch weeks will be announced through SIN-Online. Therefore, keep an eye for last-minute changes.

    Please note that the switch week is the last opportunity to switch electives! After the switch week, your registration is final, no exceptions made!

The Frequently Asked Questions document includes answers to the most commonly asked questions in relation to the master elective registration.