Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony

To celebrate that you have finished your master in one year a grand graduation ceremony will be organised on Saturday 1 October 2016. And if it took you a little longer than one year you are also very welcome.

  • The RSM master graduation ceremony will be held on Saturday 1 October 2016 in De Doelen, Rotterdam.

    This year we will organise two parallel ceremonies. All MSc’s with the exception of Business Information Management (BIM), Management of Innovation (MI) and Supply Chain Management (SCM) will have their graduation ceremony in the beautiful Grote Zaal. BIM, MI and SCM will have their ceremony in the distinguished Willem Burger Zaal.

    The reception area of De Doelen will be arranged per programme with clear indications on where each programme is located, such that graduates may gather and mingle with fellow graduates of their programme and with their programme’s academic director before and following the ceremony.
    During your ceremony you will enter the theatre and stage per master programme.

    Programme outline:

    • Registration for graduates and distribution of cap and gown in WTC (12.00 hours)
    • Ceremony briefing for graduates
    • Graduates have a group photo taken by a professional photographer
    • Welcome drink (coffee and tea) for guests in De Doelen  (12.45 hours)
    • Guests take their seats in the Grote Zaal or Willem Burger Zaal
    • Procession from WTC to De Doelen
    • Graduates enter the Grote Zaal or Willem Burger Zaal in procession
    • Start of ceremony, including the official awarding of diplomas and speeches
    • Reception with all MSc's together (End 17.45 hours)
  • Registration will take place via Eventbrite. There is one registration for both ceremonies.

    • Registration will take place between Friday 1 July 2016, 10:00 hrs and Sunday 21 August 2016, 23:30 hrs. 
      a)   Please note that late registrations are NOT possible, so you will need to decide on your own participation and on whether you would like to invite any guests well in advance of the registration deadline. Also note that you must register for the graduation ceremony by the deadline even if you are not sure by that date whether you will finish your thesis in time.
      b)   If one of your guests will be paying for your gown and guest tickets instead of you, please make sure that they indicate YOUR name and student number in order to prevent confusion. 
    • Caps, stoles and gowns: graduates must wear a cap and gown during the graduation ceremony. You may choose between purchasing and renting a gown. Renting a gown is slightly less expensive and more sustainable. In both cases you receive the cap as a gift from RSM. Distribution will take place prior to the ceremony.
    • Guests: graduates must register their own attendance, as well as purchase tickets for their guests. Each graduate will initially be permitted a maximum of two guests.
    • Additional guest tickets: guest ticket purchase will be re-opened on Thursday 1 September 2016, 10:00 hrs at which point graduates may try to purchase one or two additional guest tickets and a 'first come first serve' rule applies (deadline 11 September2016).
    • Restitution: the only legitimate reason for a refund is if you register for the graduation ceremony and ultimately do not successfully graduate.
      In all other cases a refund is NOT possible.


    Attendance graduate     FREE
    Attendance guest            € 17,50 per person



  • To make your graduation day unforgettable you must wear a cap, stole and gown during your graduation ceremony. You may choose between purchasing or renting a gown. Renting a gown is slightly less expensive and more sustainable.

    In both cases you receive the cap as a gift from RSM. Distribution will take place prior to the ceremony.


    • Purchase : € 27,50
    • Rental: € 22,-
  • See the links to the live streams below.

    Grote Zaal

    Willem Burger Zaal

    • By organising two ceremonies we hope you will be able to bring more guests. Off course two ceremonies in two rooms with a different capacity and a different number of graduates may result in a different total number of guests that you can bring.

    • Due to the large number of graduates we expect to attend the graduation ceremony and the limited number of seats, it is necessary to limit the number of guests per graduate.

    • We would like to make sure that everyone wears the same cap, gown and tassle in the same colors. Therefore all RSM master graduates are required to order the cap and gown via Eventbrite.

    • This is possible. You may pay the additional € 5,- when you pick up your cap and gown at the graduation ceremony.

    • Purchasing extra guest tickets for the ceremony will only be possible from Thursday 1 September 2016 onwards, on a first come first serve basis. So please think carefully about the number of guest tickets you would like to purchase with your your cap and gown, prior to ordering. 

    • RSM itself bears the cost of the venue rental and organisation for the master graduation ceremony. However, as a primarily publicly funded university, we are unable to assume the significant additional costs of caps and gowns for all graduates, and event catering, and therefore charge a guest ticket fee to contribute to those costs.

    • If you will be graduating from two master programmes you may receive both degrees simultaneously at the ceremony, as all master degrees will be awarded then. However, because the ceremony and awarding of degrees will be organised per programme, you will need to indicate via Eventbrite with which one master programme you would like to participate in the ceremony, that is, with which programme you will be grouped and seated, and in such case, you may only choose one. When you are called to the stage, however, you will receive both degrees. Please send an email to to inform us about your situation if you will be graduating with two degrees. 

    • Guest tickets are allotted per graduate, not per degree. The maximum number of guest tickets in the first round thus remains two per graduate, even if you will be graduating with two degrees.