Executive Master in Customs and Supply Chain Compliance

Combining safety, security and sustainability with compliance and efficiency in international trade

Innovative developments force customs professionals, other inspections and business professionals to collaborate. You must follow the general trend towards regulatory compliance rather than command and control. This is facilitated by information systems. In RSM’s unique part-time executive master programme, you will explore and discuss these developments, and assess their value and implications for practice.

Unique content for leaders in customs and international trade
Knowledge from customs regulations, supply chain management, and IT-based compliance, is brought together in this programme. Leaders in customs will learn to combine these topics and put this knowledge into practice to better understand and collaborate with businesses and other inspection services. You will learn new perspectives and change your mindset to be more effective and successful as a specialist or leader in customs.

Value of the network
We bring professionals from customs, business and consultancy together in this learning and working environment. We will discuss cases from different stakeholders and guest speakers will provide you with fresh perspectives and new knowledge, for example about the Union Customs Code. You will expand your network and build new professional relationships.