I completed my PhD at the Management and Organisation Department, National University of Singapore. Before that, I obtained a Master’s Degree in Management in France and a Bachelor Degree in Finance in China. My research has primarily focused on the intersection of trust, forgiveness, power, and decision-making. Specifically, I lead research projects centering around three overarching areas across dynamic processes of conflict: 1) Pre-conflict: understanding trust-building in the initial interaction. 2) In-conflict: understanding how individuals achieve advantages in conflict negotiations. 3) Post-conflict: understanding how individuals recover from conflict through forgiveness. Building on theories from organizational behavior, social psychology, economics, and sociology, I have conducted and participated in a variety of research projects to address these three areas of inquiry. These research areas are of particular interest to me not only for their theoretical contribution but also because I find them highly applicable to business school students who are managers and future employees in the workplace. My research suggests effective ways to develop workplace relationships and resolve workplace conflict.