WE@RSM believe that through collaboration, shared challenges, encouragement and empowering others, we can together master leadership, understand the use of power, team building and communication, and make true boardroom diversity a reality, whilst developing our own network, being proud of our achievements, and by learning to lead as well as follow.

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Lecture: Women's Leadership in India

29 April 2014 | 19:00 – 21:30

Join us for an inspiring lecture by Professor Femida Handy on women empowerment in India.

This will be an interactive discussion on the challenges and opportunities for leadership among women in traditional patriarchal societies in India. Professor Handy will convey how they are given a unique opportunity to control their own lives and break free from the institutions and legacies that historically favour a male-controlled environment.

This is not a discussion for women only – opinions and observations from the broadminded men in our community are also welcome and appreciated. Femida Handy is Professor of Social Policy at the University of Pennsylvania.

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