WE@RSM believe that through collaboration, shared challenges, encouragement and empowering others, we can together master leadership, understand the use of power, team building and communication, and make true boardroom diversity a reality, whilst developing our own network, being proud of our achievements, and by learning to lead as well as follow.

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Women in leadership face many specific challenges but at RSM we believe that accomplished women from a wide range of disciplines and industries can build meaningful relationships with each other, exchange ideas, and openly share their collective wisdom. Together with Dr. Dianne Bevelander who has done extensive research in this field, you will have the opportunity to reflect on your own area of leadership, you will expand your knowledge base, interact with professional peers and add to your professional network.

Programme includes:

18.30h: Registration with coffee/tea

19.00h: Start of event: short introduction Nathalie Courouble about the Girl Effect

Master Class, Dr. Dianne Bevelander, Associate Dean MBA
Programmes at RSM:
This master class will give you the opportunity to start reflecting on three areas of leadership: Self-Management, Relationship Management and Network Management. Participants should be prepared for a high level of engagement.

Women and leadership: What are my leadership skills and how can I be heard?

My network
- Compilation of your personal networking profile, Case and group discussions
- Where am I going from here
The power and consequence of Networks– the difference between male and female networks

Guest speaker: Poonam Barua, Founder Chairman, Forum for Women in Leadership will give a 15 minute presentation on Women in India

Networking drinks

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