WE@RSM believe that through collaboration, shared challenges, encouragement and empowering others, we can together master leadership, understand the use of power, team building and communication, and make true boardroom diversity a reality, whilst developing our own network, being proud of our achievements, and by learning to lead as well as follow.

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On the evening November 27th, we have the pleasure of having Melissa Raczak, Deloitte Partner to deliver a workshop on managing your energy.  Melissa will share her personal experience and talk about the hard lessons she has learned in her career to get her in the leadership position she is today to become a partner in the world’s largest professional services firm. If you find the following questions of interest then this workshop will help you to find the answers:  

- How will I manage a busy work schedule and still keep my hobbies/family and other interests still fit in my life?

- I feel tired already, what will this be like later on in life?

- What does it take to build a career, have a family and still be happy?        

- What can I do today to feel more in control of my life?  

This will be an informal session focused on the importance of taking care of yourself, how to better manage your energy so you have a better work life balance which leads to personal and professional success.  This will also be an interactive session and you will walk away with great insights on your personal leadership.    We look forward to seeing you on the 27 November at 18.30 at RSM and welcoming Melissa to Erasmus University. There are limited slots for the session so please let us know, full is full. 

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