Why this programme?

Why this programme?

The one-year MSc in Global Business & Sustainability is a world leading Programme dealing with complex sustainability challenges in an integrated manner. 

Headed by Academic Director, Dr. Steve Kennedy, this Programme targets elite young bachelor students and educates them to become innovative, ethical business leaders in sustainability. Our international student body are personally committed, intellectually-ambitious and determined for a meaningful career in business, government or non-profit.

The master focuses on the pertinent challenges of our time.  Food and energy security, air pollution, climate change, business ethics and risk management are increasingly recognized as boardroom issues. Through extensive interaction with companies, students will develop critical thinking about corporate strategies and learn how to develop sustainable business models of the future.  Engagement with government and NGOs will also ensure that students understand the issues from a range of perspectives and learn how to work in a multi-stakeholder world.

Business-as-usual is no longer an option.   A new agenda is necessary to lay out a pathway in which business can provide opportunities for nine billion people to live well, and within the planet’s resources.  This programme engages with how business is dealing with WBCSD’s Vision 2050 and the new breakthrough opportunities of capitalism.

Understanding the global challenges of sustainability is a vital skill for any future leader.  Using Planetary Boundaries as its foundation, this programme examines the role of business leaders and other actors in how to scale up sustainable business solutions.  Whatever corporate leaders might want to achieve, they cannot do so without the involvement of stakeholders within and outside of the company.

During the programme you will experience exclusive and interactive classes, and a mix of educational formats including case studies, conferences, experiments, internships, and individual research.  Instead of text-book learning, you will conduct research, write papers and present your ideas, join study trips and international exchanges

Graduates of this programme will ultimately walk away with the analytical, interdisciplinary and problem solving skills that are in high demand at all types of organisations, from the largest global corporations to governmental and non-governmental organisations.