Am I eligible to apply for the Double Degree in Management (DM2) programme?

Minimum eligibility criteria for the DM2 programme for RSM students are as follows:
1. You must be (at least) currently enrolled as a fulltime Bachelor 3 student at RSM ("at least" means that you must have completed that least that level of study. You also qualify by definition if you have already fully completed the Bachelor at RSM; please note that pre-master students (RSM or otherwise) and bachelor students of other universities are not eligible.
2. You must have a minimum weighted average grade of 7.0 for your RSM Bachelor programme by the time of application
3. You must meet and be able to provide evidence that you meet the specific language criteria for your preferred destination(s) as indicated in the DM2 brochure;
4. You must provide strong motivation for the programme.

At what partner schools can I pursue the DM2 programme?

Currently, RSM students may apply for a place at one of three partner schools, which are Università Bocconi in Milan, Italy, University of St.Gallen in St.Gallen, Switzerland, and ESADE in Barcelona, Spain. These business schools and universities are, like RSM in the Netherlands, premiere institutions in their respective countries.

When do I go to the partner school?

RSM students begin the DM2 programme with a year at RSM pursuing their chosen RSM master programme, and then spend the second year abroad pursuing the second programme at the partner school.

How many ECTS will I need to complete?

In total the programme consists of 120 ECTS, of which 60 ECTS (including the thesis) are completed at RSM. Students will complete the programme with a combined thesis of at least 20 ECTS.

Which language skills do I need at the partner university?

At the time of application, students need to show proof of a certain language level according to the Common European Framework of Reference of Languages (CEFR). The required CEFR levels will vary depending on the destination school as well as the chosen programme at that school. For specific requirement, please see the latest DM2 brochure.

What will an extra study year(s) abroad cost me?

As a DM2 student, you are exempt from the tuition fee at the partner university, which means that you will pay tuition as a student of Erasmus University Rotterdam for the entire duration of your studies (while you study here at RSM, and while you study abroad). Further, studying abroad involves additional costs, such as costs of language courses, visa and insurances, your flight and other travelling expenses.

Students with EU or EEA nationalities (including candidate members), or with official status of refugee, stateless person or permanent resident in these countries, may receive the Erasmus Grant (part of the EU’s Lifelong Learning programme) when studying in one of these countries. Private or external grants, funds or scholarships are presented to exchange students outside Europe.

Can I apply for the DM2 programme as well as the IM/CEMS programme, and master exchange?

No, you may apply for the MSc IM/CEMS programme, the DM2 programme, or the master exchange programme in a given academic year, but you may not apply for more than one of these in the same academic year.