Florian Ansorge

“During the MBA programme I received the nickname ‘Happy’, because I was very optimistic about a lot of things. I was always able to bring out the positive side and not overestimate the negative. The nickname ‘Happy’ fits my attitude in life and work. I work for Ergo Insurance, one of the top three primary insurers in Germany. My team is involved in a lot of number-crunching for the company’s customer service department, a very real-time type of task. We have about 800 employees in customer service working on the phones every day, and my team knows how many callers are waiting at any point during the day. A lot can go wrong, and a lot will go wrong because you can’t plan everything. If, due to circumstances, employees are not able to be at work on time to pick up the phone and help our customers, you have to deal with that. As a manager it is important to take a positive stand and I want to contribute optimism, because not everyone brings that natural attitude. Sometimes you have to accept the things that do not go as planned, there will always be a positive side and in some cases it might actually be more profitable and effective than was expected.”

Florian Ansorge, German
Alumnus MBA2009, Manager Customer Contact Center at Ergo Insurance Group


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