Svilena Mateeva

Svilena Mateeva


"To be honest, my I WILL statement, which I made more than two years ago, was simply driven by my personal aspiration to contribute for a better tomorrow through helping others. Back then I did not have specific idea on what exactly could turn out of it, but I had a vision.

It’s funny to see that later, my statement mirrored precisely the purpose of my newly founded start-up weShape – including the name of it! We aim to shape sustainable solutions and to help young people make their dream projects a reality. Our participation in the I WILL Award 2014 gave us the courage and the self‐esteem needed to believe in our idea and to give everything we could to make it a success. We are highly thankful to RSM and the I WILL team for their constant feedback and for opening many doors for our development. Furthermore, part of the I WILL Award was entry into the community of the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship. As a result of that, we got plenty of insights into entrepreneurship and we met some wonderful people!

weShape has been growing steadily in the past year. We have managed to gather a motivated and unstoppable team. We proved our assumptions were right, solved all the uncertainties around the idea, and put solid ground beneath our service offerings. At the end, after many sleepless nights, multi‐tasking, and ups and downs, we can proudly say that we have managed to build our platform and to achieve two successful fun-and-fund raising campaigns. Now, we are constantly searching for new projects and ideas that can benefit from co-operation. We believe that by helping each other we are stronger, leaner and happier.

Svilena Mateeva
Co-Founder of weShape, winner of the audience prize at the I WILL Award 2014

If you have a great project idea that needs funds and an excited community of supporters, reach out to weShape on Facebook or send an email to


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