As a leading global business school, we recognise the value that partnerships can bring – to our research, our teaching and to the lives of our students. Our partners, from both the educational and corporate worlds, are essential for bridging RSM’s research and education to real-life practice. Our partners help to bring theory into practice and ensure that the work that we do here at RSM remains relevant and allows us to create the positive impact we aim for in the world.

Institutional partners

RSM has strong relationships with leading business schools around the world. With more than 100 partner schools in our network, we enable our RSM community to connect with the best and brightest at business schools across the globe.

Campus Woudestein

Corporate partners

Research and talent is where RSM and our corporate partners add value to each other. From the sponsoring of research chairs and centres to presentations in our classroom and the hiring our students, our corporate partners are integral to ensuring we remain connected to all that is relevant in today’s business world.

Campus photo made with a drone
Campus Woudestein
Student in a lecture

RSM – Impact and engagement

Read more to learn about how RSM works together with multiple societal partners. Get a view of positive change in action with our newest publication - RSM on its way to Impact and Engagement.
Campus during the summer