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The Erasmus Centre for Leadership supports RSM’s mission to be a force for positive change in the world. We strive to create a hub of knowledge for state-of-the art research into leadership, to help make sure that research outcomes make their way into RSM’s educational programmes, and to inspire the public to join the debate on leadership.

Our center works within the spirit of the broader values at RSM. Concretely, the Erasmus Centre for Leadership is:

  • Critical:

    We critically evaluate notions of effective leadership and how this can be developed. We try to move away from ideologies to what actually works, that for which there is evidence.

  • Creative:

    We show ourselves open to the most innovative and groundbreaking approaches to leadership and leadership development.

  • Caring:

    We are building a caring community of leadership enthusiasts that cares about its members, and also cares about the broader society.

  • Collaborative:

    The initiative is supported within RSM and beyond by stakeholders and by interested individuals and organisations.

Leadership in Norway

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