Technology and Operations Management

The Technology and Operations Management department (TOM) combines scientific ambition and rigour with practical relevance. The focus of our research and education is to understand and improve the design, manufacturing, and distribution of products and services in a digitizing world. Our engaged scholars develop scientific knowledge and prepare students, academics, and business people to be critical, creative, caring and collaborative thinkers and practitioners. 

“The people at the Technology and Operations Management (TOM) department are inspired to contribute with their academic work to a force for positive change. We do so by creating and disseminating knowledge on technology operations management with an emphasis on the management of supply chains, information systems (including business data analytics and AI), and innovation. For this purpose, we collaborate with external stakeholders and educate our students to become the next generation specialists and leaders in these fields to make a difference."

Prof. Rob Zuidwijk, Department Chair

We research and teach in three critical business transformations:

  • business information management (BIM) with a focus on digital transformation
  • innovation management (IM) with a focus on business model transformation
  • supply chain management (SCM) with a focus on on the economical and sustainable transformation of processes, materials and information.

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