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Our MOOCs aim to engage with communities outside our university, and to spread RSM’s expertise on global issues and trends. 

Currently, our MOOCs cover:

  • the implementation of the UN’s SDGs in business
  • how businesses use innovation management to generate new ideas for products and services
  • a business approach to restoring landscapes
  • innovating business models for sustainable landscape restoration
  • managing reputations by exploring and learning from a recent high-profile data privacy case
  • how entrepreneurial competencies can help restore landscapes and ecosystems.
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Overview of our MOOCs

Large-scale landscape restoration is one of the most promising solutions to counter extreme weather events such as heat waves, drought, landslides, biodiversity loss and their consequences that include mass migration and hunger. Entrepreneurial skills, and business tools and techniques can bring landscape restoration to a new level and unlock its potential. Landscape restoration provides opportunities for long-term business resilience and healthy ecosystems on our planet, driving positive change. The online course effectively combines entrepreneurial insights with a holistic approach to landscape restoration.

This MOOC explores reputation management by examining and learning from one of the most high-profile data privacy cases of recent years. It is based on an academic case study that examines the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica relationship. Participants explore and analyse the 2018 reputation crisis: how it was handled by Facebook, and the ongoing public and internal debate about Facebook’s stance. It also prompts participants to identify potential future routes for Facebook by applying frameworks and theoretical knowledge.

Participants explore the case from different angles of reputation and its key drivers, such as governance, leadership, corporate culture, whistleblowing, and citizenship, as well as reputation as a whole. The online course delivers learning materials in the form of videos, exercises, and assignments, and participants’ work will be graded. 

In this MOOC you will learn about the colorful and diverse international security landscape, and gain insights into challenging topics including open source intelligence, serious organised crime and illicit trade. This seven-week course was developed as part of an Erasmus+ EU funded project in which multiple European partner organisations participated (more information about this project can be found here). We recorded the videos for this MOOC at different locations in Europe in order to provide you with an insight into the original environment of these contributing partners.

Land degradation caused by human activities is undermining the well-being of two-fifths of humanity, driving species extinctions and intensifying climate change. But there’s a huge potential for restoring landscapes: around two billion hectares of land – about two times the size of China – can be restored. This eight-week programme covers the process, from ideation to the successful implementation of a new sustainable business model with four returns: return of natural capital, return of social capital, return of inspiration and return of financial capital.

Is sustainable development relevant for every business? For example, can every kind of business or organisation do something to counter climate change, or help to create a global culture for sustainable business? The answer to both questions is ‘yes’.

In the MOOC Driving Business Towards the SDGs, you can explore the role of business in contributing to a better future for people AND the planet without giving up profits, by using the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework for addressing these massive global problems.

The financial sector has the ability to shift its approach, so we can benefit from a healthy planet and a sustainable economy – now and in the future. But how can we build an economy that works for all? How do we transition to sustainable business models without the loss of financial return?  And why is it necessary?

Finance has long been seen as an obstacle in tackling the world’s challenges. But in this MOOC, you will learn how finance can be used to better the world. The future is not about money, it is about value creation. 

What is innovation management? How do firms bring in new business models and get new products and services to the market? Go on a nine-week journey through innovation management concepts, theories of idea generation, selection, strategy formulation and implementation in our MOOC in Innovation Management. In it, you will also learn the tools for implementing innovation projects yourself.

Guided by RSM’s top professors, you will develop an innovative mindset and expertise in how firms successfully create new ideas for marketing new products. The syllabus also includes sessions about innovation strategy, idea management and social networks.

It is a frightening prospect – that all life on Earth must either adapt or be doomed. This course is about landscape degradation – a global and wicked problem that is contributing to the dooming prospect of depletion of Earth’s finite resources. But this course is also about the solutions to this problem – business driven landscape restoration, and the skills that you will need in order to play part in reversing this development.

So rather than leaving you powerless, it is our hope that you learn how you can be part of the solution to making sure that Planet Earth still provides a safe and habitable home for future generation.