Business-Society Management

Established in 1998, the department of Business-Society Management (B-SM) at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University was the first of its kind within a European business school. The B-SM Department offers a social science-based perspective on managerial and organizational issues at the interface between business and society.

Our world-class research and education focus on how business can contribute to addressing the great societal challenges of our time, such as climate change and social inequality.

Marius van Dijke, Department Chair

Marius van Dijke

Staff of the department are involved in teaching at the under- and post-graduate level, including bachelor programmes, the full-time MBA and specialized and executive master programmes. The department also delivers the school’s flagship Master programme on Global Business and Sustainability. The Master programme is one of the longest running programmes in the world in the area of business and society management and continues to deliver graduates that are in high demand in today’s business world.

Sustainability and corporate responsibility

Students who come through our teaching programmes form a deep understanding of how through responsible forms of business activity - including new forms of inclusive business models, stakeholder partnerships and social entrepreneurship - they can actively contribute to the health and sustainability of the societies in which they operate whilst as a base condition still run viable businesses. Our programmes point not just to the limits to economic growth within our planet’s boundaries, but we strive to make a positive change by equipping our students with ways of experimenting with new ‘circular’, ‘inclusive’, ‘shared value’ - in short more sustainable - business models that can grow exponentially to shape new social and environmental value chains.

Multi-disciplinary faculty

Within the department, we have multi-disciplinary faculty who turn their specialist expertise into tangible solutions for businesses and into transformational experiences in the classroom. Areas of expertise range from sustainability and climate change to social enterprise, stakeholder communication, cross-sector partnerships, philanthropy, ethics and corporate governance. Our faculty is also strongly rooted in theory which allows them analyze complex issues and wicked problems and to develop novel answers to pressing business and societal questions.

Practical Impact and Outreach

Besides high quality research and education, we actively engage with the business community and civic society actors, involving them in our education programmes whilst ensuring at the same time that the work that we do has the widest possible impact on business and society. We have dedicated research centers, including the Partnership Resource Centre, the Centre for Eco-Transformation, the Erasmus Centre for Strategic Philanthropy the Centre for Behavioral Ethics and the Corporate Communication Centre, that work with business leaders to turn our research into positive change.

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