How will you contribute to positive change?

I WILL allows you to define your goals, your ambition, your drive. It’s our forward-thinking community that asks you to say something about your future. Your I WILL statement becomes part of the spirit of RSM’s diverse community of students, researchers, staff, professors, alumni and others related to the school. Making a public commitment to your goal will allow you to achieve it faster and better. What is your goal?

When you make your I WILL statement, you join the 18,000+ others who have also created an I WILL statement; you can see everyone who has made a statement about contributing to a future we all want. There is plenty to be done to fix the world’s wicked problems – where do you want to see positive change? How will you work towards making it happen?

I WILL is everywhere at RSM, on social media and around campus where you’ll see some familiar faces. It is also integrated into your curriculum; it’s there in your bachelor programme, in your master programme, and in some of our executive education programmes.

You can make your personal I WILL statement and have your iconic black and white portrait photo taken at one of our open photoshoots. You can use your I WILL statement and photo on your CV or your LinkedIn profile, or share it with friends, family, colleagues, or peers.

What is your I WILL?

I WILL: what is your goal?

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