About RSM and our mission

Over the past 50 years, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) has firmly established its reputation as one of Europe’s most international and innovative business schools. Founded by business, our long history with international companies has become a reciprocal and supportive relationship.

We treasure this engagement because businesses deliver interaction with our students, either through recruitment, through study projects on real-life business challenges or through providing internships. They also help us to provide relevant and timely executive and organisational development programmes, and give us insights as well as valorisation for our cutting-edge research projects. 

RSM offers a distinct intellectual culture and is committed to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals as a framework for its mission to be a force for positive change in the world. We aim to improve the practice of business and management through our research, our education, and our collaboration and engagement with our alumni and corporate and societal partners.

It’s in our culture to consider how to make the change happen; it's in our forward thinking I WILL initiative it’s in the curriculum as a goal-setting module for students to think about the future they want for themselves, and it’s in the way we use the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals as a reference framework.



Many of our alumni, students and colleagues bring about positive change either in their work, their studies, or in projects that run alongside. Learn all about different ways to engage in our mission.

People of RSM stories

Fay Zhao

Full-time MBA

"The more people I get on board that are able to 3D print hands and to fund this, the more children we can help.”

Fay Zhao, full time MBA

Thom Uildriks

Co-founder Moja

"We are a fashion company because we sell clothes, but our main aim and motivation is that we make impact in places where it’s needed the most."

Thom Uildriks, co-founder of Moja

Audrey Paré

Student Assistant Positive Change Initiative

"I would love it if some projects are still 'alive' by the end of this academic year and that they continue working on it or pass it on to next year's ambassadors."

Audrey Paré, Student Assistant Positive Change Initiative

The Positive Change Team

Contact us: positivechange@rsm.nl