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RSM is led by Dean Werner Brouwer, who heads the Executive Board, the school’s leading governing body. The Executive Board is responsible for the ongoing management of the school; making decisions about day-to-day issues, setting and monitoring the progress of strategic objectives and running the school’s general operations.

The Senior Leadership team, also known as the Strategic Platform, works with RSM’s advisory board, faculty council (RSM EUR only), employee council (RSM BV only), the examination boards and the programme committees and oversee the publicly funded (RSM EUR) and privatized (RSM BV) parts of the school.

Prof. Werner Brouwer

Interim Dean

Dr. Inga Hoever

Dean of Research*

Prof. dr. Daan Stam

Dean of Faculty and Vice Dean*

Prof. dr. Daan Stam

Prof. Dr. Michel Lander

Dean of Education*

Dr. Myra van Esch

Director of Operations*

Portrait of Myra

Richard Hageman

Chief Operations Officer RSM BV*

Portrait of Richard

Claudia Rutten

Executive Secretary to the Board*

Prof. Marius van Dijke

Chair Business Society Management

Prof. Marius van Dijke

Prof. Dr. Dirk van Dierendonck

Chair of Organisation and Personnel Management

Prof. Dirk van Dierendonck

Willem Koolhaas

Director of Corporate Marketing & Communications // Head of International Relations

Prof. Dr. Rob Zuidwijk

Chair of Technology & Operations

Wilfred Mijnhardt

Policy Director

Prof. dr. Gerrit van Bruggen

Chair of Marketing Management

Gerrit van Bruggen

Erik Peek

Chair of Accounting & Control

Prof. Vareska van de Vrande

Chair of Strategic Management

Prof. Vareska van de Vrande

Prof Marno Verbeek

Chair of Finance and Investments

*Members of the Executive Board