Join us for the first RSM Case Community seminar “Making memorable cases with aha! moments”. For RSM faculty and staff. Steven Sweldens, author of bestselling case ‘TomTom: Mapping the Course from B2C to B2B’, will be our guest speaker. He will provide insights on how to create aha moments, stimulate critical thinking, and reward creative exploration. Come hear Steven’s story and discuss tips & tricks with other teachers and writers about how you can create your own aha! moments in teaching cases.

Date and Time

Hybrid workshop (offline & zoom stream): Wednesday, 16 November 2022, 12:00-13:00.

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In this brown bag seminar one of our most experienced case teachers, Steven Sweldens, will talk about how he created aha! moments in his prize-winning and bestselling case “TomTom: Mapping the Course from B2C to B2B”. He will share where he got ideas for the aha! moments, how he crafted them into the case, and how he brings them to life in class discussions.

An ‘aha! moment’ is a moment of sudden realisation, one of eye-opening surprise when everything falls into place. The outcome is unexpected, yet it makes perfect sense once revealed. Such moments are the crux of many good case discussions. Students leave the classroom exhilarated and take away a lasting impression of that epiphany experience.

An aha! moment doesn’t ‘just happen’. On the contrary, it’s the culmination of intensive thinking, discussing, debating, shifting perspectives, and overcoming one’s blind spots. Creating such a moment requires deliberate groundwork as well as the skills to facilitate a discussion that will lead to the desired learning results.

The TomTom case has several aha! moments. The learning is counter-intuitive. By the end of the class students arrive at conclusions that are different from what they expected at the beginning of the discussion. This gradual build-up and an epiphany at the end promise an engaged, rewarding and memorable learning experience. The videos accompanying the case add to the vividness of the experience.

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See you on November 16th! All you need to bring is yourself and your lunch.

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