The CEMS Global Alliance is a group of prestigious business schools, and around 79 multinationals and NGOs around the world. From its Pan-European beginnings in 1988 the CEMS alliance has grown to become a truly global organisation. Approved by the CEMS Executive Board in 2007, the current globalisation strategy has brought the CEMS MIM to Asia, Australasia, and North and South America.  It has created an elite and global master programme that recruits only the most internationally minded and talented students. RSM is one of these 34 top-ranked CEMS business schools, and offers the unique CEMS Master in International Management programme, which was ranked fifth in the Financial Times' 2021 Global Masters in Management ranking.  

An official CEMS partnership with RSM is valuable and rewarding. RSM’s CEMS partners are usually organisations based in the Netherlands that operate internationally. The exclusive academic-corporate partnership between your organisation and RSM offers a wide range of benefits, including:

Recruitment of top talent

with a global mindset from a top-ranked MSc in management programme

Employer branding

Business projects and internships with CEMS students

as part of their education, during which you can also enhance your visibility and image

Sharing knowledge

and network with leading business schools, multinationals, and NGOs

Partnering with CEMS through RSM will offer you a close relationship with the educational world, meanwhile acting as a gateway to 34 other top business schools with global potential

Edwin Wammes

Director Maintenance at KONE

“Every year, selected CEMS teams are involved in real life challenges at KONE Netherlands. We like the CEMS approach because the students give us a fresh look on the challenge we face, and come up with realistic and useable solutions. The solutions the CEMS teams designed in the last two years were related to customer complaint handling as well as customer retention, and were actually implemented in our organisation. In both cases the solutions contained enough material to help us improve these new processes further.”

CEMS MIM Block Seminar

CEMS MIM Block Seminar

CEMS Corporate Partnership: Recruitment

CEMS Corporate Partnership: Recruitment

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