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Moritz Appels is an Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour at the Department of Organisation and Personnel Management, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. He obtained his doctoral degree from the University of Mannheim in 2022.

His research illuminates how the behaviour of corporate actors shapes and is shaped by organizational and societal change, with a particular focus on the relationship between strategic leadership, social evaluations, and the broader socio-political environment. A particular focus of his work is the impact of corporate and CEO activism—e.g., speaking out on gun ownership in the U.S.—on stakeholder behaviours. He is likewise involved in understanding the environmental and dispositional antecedents of top managers’ engagement in organisational and societal change.


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  • Appels, M., Edinger-Schons, L. M., Korschum, D., & Balk, L. (2020). Don’t Mix Business with Politics? : Understanding Stakeholder Reactions to Corporate Political Activism. In Schwerpunkt. : Der Purpose beeinflusst Stakeholder (Vol. 4, pp. 24-30)


Positive Organizational Scholarship

  • Study year: 2023/2024, 2022/2023
  • Code: B3T3102
  • Level: Bachelor 3, Bachelor 3, Bachelor 3

BSc Project Behavioural Experts

  • Study year: 2023/2024
  • Code: B3T3103
  • Level: Bachelor 3, Bachelor 3

POC Master Thesis

  • Study year: 2023/2024
  • Code: BMMTPOC
  • Level: Master

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