• Number of credits

    15 EC

  • Size of course

    73 students

  • Positive impact

    15 NGOs

  • Duration

    Full academic year

    The next full academic year the analysis phase runs through September to November 2024. The Implementation phase runs through December to June 2025

  • Application deadline

    June 2024

I DO is an innovative and student co-created course that you can take in your second year of your bachelor studies in addition to your regular courses. Participation is voluntary and by application only. If you successfully complete the course, you will be awarded 15 ECs which count towards your study progress in the third year of your bachelor. This means that your I DO credits contribute towards the 60 ECs you need in your third year. Completing the I DO course is therefore similar to completing a minor.

The grades you receive also count towards your GPA for your whole Bachelor’s degree programme, although your participation is during the second year of your bachelor programme.

What happens in I DO?

The I DO project is all about taking action now. We believe that students, especially those at RSM, already have the necessary skills and experiences to evoke positive change. So why wait?

I DO connects ambitious and open-minded bachelor students with international NGOs through an academic programme that equips them with additional skills and tools to best propel the NGOs’ developments forward. Students will work in teams of five to support one NGO in achieving its mission. Our partner NGOs tackle societal challenges all over the world, ranging from water scarcity in Zimbabwe to fighting poverty in South Africa.

I DO is organised and led by a team of students, RSM faculty members and staff. This structure ensures that student feedback and experiences are immediately translated into the continuous development of the course to enable real and significant impact.

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10 Reasons to Participate in I DO 2024/25

  • Be a force for positive change as early as possible

  • Gain relevant real-life experience alongside your studies

  • Develop crucial hard and soft-skills through impact driven education

  • Actively shape the future of RSM’s first ever student-led and co-created course

  • Through the 15 EC accreditation, gain flexibility as for how you want to pursue your studies in B3

  • Bond with your peers from BA or IBA

  • Take on responsibility

    Whatever you and your team works on has true and immediate impact

  • Work in a cross-cultural team on pressing societal issues

  • Experience life as a consultant;

    result-driven work with a client-serving mindset and constructive attitude

  • Be your own boss

    You and your teammates, alongside a coach decide how to support the NGO

Co-founders of I DO

Who we are: a video from our founders

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