This event is expired since Friday, 12 October 2018 .

RSM Leadership Summit 2018

How to lead with purpose and power?

How to future-proof your business?

Purpose is a key need for human well-being – but it’s becoming ever more recognised, and crucial, in business. Why? Purpose is the energy that empowers organisations to thrive as they tackle the many challenges facing them.

Often that strong sense of purpose comes from a company’s leaders. Leaders with purpose have the power to create enlightened, agile, and resilient organisations – businesses with the power to make posi-tive change in the world.

At this year’s RSM Leadership Summit on 12 October, you will hear from the purpose-driven leaders of international business, each of them rooted in the Netherlands, each known for their vision, powerful sense of purpose, and ability to face challenges others might have found insurmountable.

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