This event is expired since Saturday, 10 November 2018 .

I am Expat - The Hague

The meeting place for expats and local businesses in the Netherlands.

Expats are citizens of the world, but they still have local needs. Whether you’re a new arrival or long-term resident, there’s a lot to learn about life in the Netherlands: from finding a house, job or school for your kids, to choosing an accountant, legal advisor or MBA and so much more.

The IamExpat Fair is an international one-day event designed to connect and support the expat community in the Netherlands. Join the fair to:

  •  Find all the services and businesses you need in a single location.
  •  Learn how to navigate life in the Netherlands at free workshops and presentations.
  •  Connect with other expats, organisations and the international community.

Entrance is free with online registration. Tickets are limited!