This event is expired since Wednesday, 13 November 2019 .

ECWO's Open Evening 2019

Experience ECWO’s full-day programmes in just one evening!


In just one evening you can taste our full-day programmes. Choose up to two of the three masterclasses during our open evening on Tuesday, 12 November. Each one is an introduction to one of our

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During this event you will:

  • Take part in two highly interactive masterclasses led by experts
  • Find out how to add value to your career with our one-day programmes
  • Explore ways to put gender equality on your company’s agenda 
  • Network with fellow participants from a broad range of sectors and companies

The evening will kick-off with an introduction on women in leadership. We will adddress issues encountered by women in business, particularly the challenges women face when climbing the corporate ladder. We will help you discover your own leadership style, learn about the latest research into female leadership, compare experiences and discuss your ideas and challenges. Upon this session upon we will break-out into groups to participate in the two selected masterclasses. 

You can choose from the following masterclasses:

1Negotiating for Success: Women, Careers and Business masterclass, normally a 1-day programme

Any woman seeking to develop her career path and maintain her professional and personal interests needs to know negotiation tools and techniques that leverage her knowledge and strengths. This class will show you how to achieve better results in your negotiations while maintaining effective social relationships.

2Communicating with Power and Impact masterclass, normally a 1-day programme

To increase your impact within your organisation, you must be able to convey your objectives in an effective manner. This class will provide you with the tools to explore your communication styles, which in return will allow you to attract support, gain resources and resolve conflicts in a variety of contexts. 

3. The Bystander effect and its consequences in the workplace

The term bystander effect refers to the phenomenon in which the greater the number of people present, the less likely people are to help a person in distress. Harassment, such as bullying, name-calling, and intimidation, unfortunately, is common in organisations. 13% of all employees report having been target of it. Do the victims have a responsibility to stand up for themselves? Should we, as bystanders, address the situation right there, right then? Are all harassers horrible people who should be fired immediately? During this workshop we will discuss and practice different ways of becoming upstanders by addressing the harassment in a manner that is beneficial for the victim, but also for the organisation as a whole.

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17.30 – 18.00: Registration and walking dinner

18.00 – 19.15: Opening – Discussion around Women in Leadership by Prof. Dianne Bevelander/Dorothy Grandia

19.15 – 19.30: Coffee break

19.30 – 20.15: Workshops Round 1 / Information stands

20.15 – 20.30: Coffee break

20.30 – 21.15: Workshops Round 2 / Information stands

21.15 –22.00: Networking drinks