This event is expired since Wednesday, 8 July 2020 .

Webinar: Start-ups and scale-ups

Start-ups and scale-ups: benefits of an entrepreneurial mindset?

In the last months societies and economies around the world have experienced an unprecedented upsurge in uncertainty surrounding almost every aspect of life. Ranging from the health consequences of COVID-19 and the development of an effective vaccine to the economic consequences of market lockdowns, the persistence of shifts in consumer demand and policy responses.

If not yet bankrupted, businesses are struggling to find effective ways of dealing with the uncertainty in the market place. At the same time, true entrepreneurs are known to operate well under uncertainty. This makes us wonder.. Can an entrepreneurial mindset save companies that are currently under pressure?

In this webinar, Prof. Justin Jansen and Dr Ingrid Verheul will discuss how two types of entrepreneurial companies – start-ups and scale-ups – are affected and have responded to the Covid-19 crisis. We will discuss the challenges and opportunities for these businesses. What lessons can we learn from companies that have been able to turn the lemons into lemonade and/or have found smart ways to prolong their runway, in anticipation of better days?

  • How are start-ups and scale-ups affected by this crisis?
  • Which crisis management tactics/strategies are adopted in these companies?
  • What lessons can we learn from how start-ups and scale-ups responded to the crisis?
  • (How) does an entrepreneurial mindset help start-ups and scale-ups to steer through the crisis?