New project on managing privacy in Rotterdam

With new technologies, privacy concerns are emerging both among citizens and government actors, asking how to navigate trade-offs between efficient service, public safety and privacy. Therefore, in cooperation with the City of Rotterdam, CESAM initiates a new research project called the ‘Managing Privacy in a Smart City‘.

This Smart City project will develop a practiced and networked understanding of privacy that allows different situational and personal privacy needs to be recognized and met in practice. In order to achieve this, CESAM will introduce a flexible concept of boundary management as a vital mechanism for balancing and safeguarding privacy concerns and public security needs.

Our investigations will center on both street-level and at-a-distance forms of surveillance and control, including practices of self- and co-surveillance among the citizenry. It is a two year project and will be conducted by Freek de Haan, Vivien Butot, Prof.Dr. Gabriele Jacobs & Dr. Petra Saskia Bayerl.