Erasmus Innovation Award nominees for 2012 announced

Movares, Mediaan/ABS, Roche Diagnostics and Claymount Technologies have been nominated for the Erasmus Innovation Award 2012. The winner of the Erasmus Innovation Award 2012 will be revealed at the 2012 Annual INSCOPE Conference on 23 November 2012.

Erasmus Innovation Award nominees for 2012 announced

Movares, Mediaan/ABS, Roche Diagnostics and Claymount Technologies have been nominated for the Erasmus Innovation Award 2012. The winner of the Erasmus Innovation Award 2012 will be revealed at the 2012 Annual INSCOPE Conference on 23 November 2012.

From 2006 onwards, INSCOPE – Research for Innovation has carried out the annual Erasmus Competition and Innovation Monitor among Dutch companies. The research is headed by Professor Henk Volberda. “The nominated companies are an excellent example for other organisations about how to turn new knowledge into products and/or services,” according to Professor Volberda. “These types of social innovative organisations are able to stay competitive even in economically challenging times – by means of flexible organisational structures; dynamic management skills; smarter approaches to work and working methods; and cooperation with external partners.”

The winner of the Erasmus Innovation Award 2012 will be picked by a judging panel consisting of:

  • Mr. H. Biesheuvel (Chairman of Dutch Federation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises)
  • Mr. M. Bos (Director of Economic Affairs at Social and Economic Council)
  • Mr. C. Buijink (Secretary-General at Ministry of Economic Affairs)
  • Mr. W. Draijer (Chairman of Social and Economic Council)
  • Mr. B. Wientjes (Chairman of Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers)

The judging panel’s decision will be made public on Friday 23 November 2012. The candidates for the Erasmus Innovation Award 2012 are these four companies:

  • Movares
  • Mediaan/ABS
  • Roche Diagnostics Nederland BV
  • Claymount Technologies Group BV

Just like the other nominated companies, Movares scores above average on a broad range of indicators of innovation. Its innovation studio exemplifies how this engineering consultancy increases her innovative strength in the area of infrastructure projects. By using this studio, the company offers ample opportunity for staff to turn ideas into new products and/or services. Among other things, this has resulted in Eurolocking – a new train safety system. The innovation studio also offers chances for external parties such as client to get involved in the innovation process. The company is not only spreading its wings in railway-related markets, but also in the area of water infrastructure. Management also makes it easy for workforce to share knowledge within the company and gives employees plenty of opportunity to further develop themselves.

Mediaan/ABS is an ICT service provider with offices in Heerlen (the Netherlands) and Düsseldorf (Germany). In recent years, the company has grown substantially, but has still been able to set up an innovative organisation. For example, the company has got a cellular organisational structure (small company units) to preserve the advantages of small-scale organisations such an efficient and goal-oriented culture and working methods. In addition, the ICT service provider can draw on a flexible circle of freelancers. Finally, the company has moved away from being a product-driven company toward being a customer-focused outfit. Better use is made of the talent and competencies of staff thanks to, among others, highly involved managers plus internal and external knowledge sharing. Examples of this are knowledge groups, interactive sessions with customers about developments, as well as cooperation with universities aimed at attracting new workers.

Roche Diagnostics Nederland BV
Roche Diagnostics Netherlands BV is the Dutch arm of the Roche Group. The biotechnology company is capable of creating innovation solutions in the complex market it operates in. To that end, Roche Diagnostics Netherlands has forged strong cooperation with external parties. For example, the biotech firm has teamed up with hospital laboratories. Through its relatively new “lab consultancy” department, Roche Diagnostics Netherlands is getting evermore closely involved in the operations of hospital labs, in reflection of the increasingly specialized demands made by the healthcare sector. Organising live events such as The Future Starts Today in tandem with various disciplines is one way of mapping out developments in the healthcare market. It is not only about gaining better insight into the market, but also offering opportunities to respond more swiftly to changes.

Claymount Technologies Group BV
Claymount is a designer, manufacturer and supplier of system components & modules serving the medical and industrial X-ray industry. With its head office in the Dutch town of Dinxperlo, the company attaches great importance to a flexible organisation, having opted for a modular company structure. This flexible form organisation also benefits the company’s technological capabilities, with, for example, knowledge sharing between various disciplines with the strong encouragement of management. One of the fruits of that approach has been a device to get digital images from existing analogue mammography equipment, using the SmartBucky DM. This form of cross-disciplinary interaction makes it easier to remove what is not really necessary for the project to succeed. The creation of multidisciplinary teams for the duration of the project, from engineering through the logistics phase, also strengthens the company’s commitment to realise a new product.

The example of the SmartBucky DM also exemplifies that the company keeps close tabs on the market. By comparing various European health care markets, the company noticed the difference between analogue and digital applications. The presence of laboratories at different locations across the world not only serves as a source of new development, but also helps to further develop and make the most of local knowledge and talent

Announcement of the winner
The winner of the Erasmus Innovation Award 2012 will be announced at the 2012 Annual INSCOPE Conference, to be held on Friday 23 November 2012 at Erasmus University Rotterdam. The gathering will also be used to present the findings of the Erasmus Competition & Innovation Monitor. The research team of the Erasmus Competition & Innovation Monitor 2012 consists of professor Henk Volberda, professor Frans Van Den Bosch, Kevin Heij, professor Justin Jansen en Dr. Michiel Tempelaar. More information on the 2012 Annual INSCOPE Conference and Erasmus Competition & Innovation Monitor is available from the contacts mentioned below and from

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