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Here’s our round-up of management research that businesses can use straight away, direct from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM).

Why do managers lie? Does studying abroad make you more employable? And are you more effective as a leader when you show your humble side? Our researchers talk to RSM Discovery about their latest findings and how they affect business.

Even when lying, people are unselfish

When and how much managers tell lies in company performance reports depends on how their colleagues would be affected by the results. New research by Associate Professor Marcel van Rinsum of RSM reveals managers are more likely to overstate numbers if it means colleagues get some kind of benefit. But they are less likely to lie if it means colleagues get less. So, even when lying, we are unselfish.

Humble leaders most effective – especially when in power

Too often, being humble is linked to iconic spiritual or political leaders – instead of humility in leadership in the business world. New research by Milton Sousa at RSM reveals that the more power you have as a leader, the more humility will help to be a successful one.

Studying abroad benefits employability, but not universally

Students travelling to low-income or socialist countries for internships gain fewer management competencies than students who travel to other parts of the world. New research by PhD candidate Erik van ’t Klooster at RSM reveals that going abroad makes you more employable. But this is not universally beneficial; relative youth, ‘staying in’ instead of exploring, or too short a time abroad can also reduce the benefits.

Integrating data and knowledge leads to better decisions in auction markets

Combining empirical evidence such as historical transaction data with intuition and experience allows auctioneers make better decisions in auction markets. New research by PhD candidate Yixin Lu at RSM reveals how we can leverage the power of data to improve the decision-making in dynamic, complex auction markets.

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