Movers and shakers

Keep up to date with the professional advancements of fellow alumni as they develop their careers and move not only to new positions and companies, but also to different countries.

Elsa Alexandra Razborsek

Full-time MBA Class of 2013

Moves from being financial accounting analyst at Royal Dutch Shell to founder & CEO at Xana Living Consulting (The Hague, The Netherlands).

Effective: August 2014

Danffer Navarro


Full-time MBA Class of 2008

Previously director, customer intelligence & business performance at DHL Supply Chain; is now senior manager, business market intelligence & strategy tools at Electrolux (Stockholm, Sweden).

Effective: July 2014


Markus Lodensträter

Full-time MBA Class of 2013

Has moved from the role of sourcing advisor at QS Advisory to become technology strategy consultant at Gartner Consulting (Zurich, Switzerland).

Effective: July 2014

Silvia Yu

Full-time MBA/MBI Class of 1998

Moves from the position of senior global marketing director at Asus Technology to become CEO at Red Peak Asia Group (Taipei, Taiwan).

Effective: May 2014

Selim Caydamli

Executive MBA Class of 2010

The former energy desk unit manager at Credit Europe Bank NV is now director, trade and commodity finance energy desk at Rabobank International (London, UK).

Effective: June 2014

Philippe Mettey

Full-time MBA Class of 1999

Has moved from the position of SVP marketing at Pullman Hotels and Resorts – Accor to become commercial director at NH Collection, NH Hotel Group (Madrid, Spain).

Effective: May 2014

Jeroen Reyes Stolker

Full-time MBA Class of 2000

Formerly head of business development and product management at Barclays. Now head of trade and working capital, Middle East, Pakistan & India, Barclays (UAE).

Effective: June 2014

Ints Krasts

Full-time MBA Class of 2005

Formerly CEO at SEB Life Insurance and now head of corporate banking, vice president, member of the board at SEB Bank (Riga, Latvia).

Effective: August 2014


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