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Michiel Muller

Founder of Picnic

Michiel Muller, graduated at the Erasmus School of Economics, is an innovative entrepreneur and the co-founder of Picnic, a ground-breaking online grocery delivery service in the Netherlands, Germany and France. After co-founding Tango, a successful unmanned fuel station chain, Muller turned his attention to transforming the grocery shopping experience.

In 2015, Muller, along with his co-founders, launched Picnic, an app-based platform aimed to revolutionize grocery delivery and offer a seamless and cost-effective solution for customers. Picnic's commitment to efficiency and sustainability, exemplified by its use of electric vehicles for deliveries and its milkman model, has positioned it as a leader in the industry.

Muller’s entrepreneurial vision and dedication to innovation have not only made Picnic a household name but have also solidified his place as a respected figure in the business world. Today, he continues to co-lead Picnic, leaving a lasting impact on the e-commerce and grocery delivery landscape.

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