The Faculty Council of Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Erasmus University, named hereafter ‘Faculty Council’, represents the general interests of the RSM Community. This Community consists of academic, managerial, and support staff, as well as students and alumni. The Faculty Council strives for creating a working environment in which staff and students consider it a privilege to be part of the RSM Community. Such an environment is realised through excellence in research and teaching, as well as good relationships with external stakeholders. While the pursuit of the above mission may relate to any relevant topic, the Faculty council has prioritised a number of issues, which will be pursued with special attention. These focal issues, not listed in order of importance, are: 

  • Finding and implementing solutions to the tension between increased scale and high quality of education, for example by stimulating interaction and student involvement through using more work groups, inviting more guest speakers, increasing the number of courses offered, using webcasts for some lectures, or other initiatives.
  • Promoting cooperation with business and government in order to increase visibility and second and third money streams.
  • Increasing the quality and academic impact of our research, e.g., by further stimulating and increasing possibilities to collaborate and exchange with the best and most renowned international researchers.
  • Enhancing the visibility and accessibility of the Faculty Council to both students and staff, e.g. by mentioning it during introductory lectures and/or by engaging in more dialogue with other representative bodies (such as student associations or EUROPA).
  • Enhancing the school facilities in order to develop a more inspiring working and studying environment, for example in the form of a newspaper lounge, television screens, and a more attractive restaurant. 
  • Supporting the internationalisation of RSM by promoting cooperation with other leading business schools and creating infrastructure and processes to welcome international students and staff.