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Recent events have left us all with new questions. Thankfully, we are lucky enough to be able to draw upon years of history and research to understand what can happen next. Join RSM and our academic experts for a series of free webinars to tackle these challenges together.

We’re living in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous times. You, your organisation and your country are being affected. The global economic and social impacts are still unclear.

What now?
We will address your needs, concerns, and emergent business challenges with free, live webinar masterclasses.

Our professors and experts will bring you new perspectives and insights on how you can navigate this global crisis, by suggesting new alternatives for business and society.

Past webinars

Start-ups and scale-ups: benefits of an entrepreneurial mindset?

Justin Jansen

Socioeconomic consequences of disruptions in supply chains

Merieke Stevens

Global changes and leadership: how to shape the future?

Leroy Hannes

How can organisations strategise during this pandemic?

Mirko Benischke

Global crisis and procurement: how to stay responsible while effective?

Finn Wynstra

Leviathan rising: rehabilitating the State as a corporate owner?

Pursey Heugens

Interorganisational collaboration: insights to overcome crises


Economic consequences of a pandemic: road to a sustainable recovery

Dirk Schoenmaker

Why do we need science fiction to address global challenges?


Keeping your leadership presence in a virtual environment

Antonie Knoppers

CSR when it matters: how do we behave in times of crisis?

Lucas Meijs

How to deal with internal and external stress in uncertain times

Kiki Vreeling

Why we need women’s leadership during COVID-19 and beyond

Dianne Bevelander

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