Aisha de Valk

Facilities and services manager

At RSM since: May 2009
Nationality: British/Dutch

Aisha de Valk

Why did you choose to work at RSM?

“The role includes responsibilities in managing administrative processes which appeals to me. There were also growth possibilities when I started. The school has a great reputation as a vibrant education institution shaping future leaders. And it’s exciting to work on a campus in Rotterdam with a sports centre, a physiotherapist, food court and other useful facilities.”

What has been your highlight of working here so far?

“The campus developments are amazing, it’s a much livelier place to be than when I started. I enjoy the implementation of internal housing and facilities policies, and the implementation of new digital hardware in meeting rooms and seeing how it changes the nature of meetings. Ultimately, it’s about the energetic dynamics and high-performance attitude of the school – good is not good enough. There is always the strive to achieve better.” 

Where did you work before, and how does RSM compare to that?

“I worked at an American telecommunication company. It was more commercial-oriented with a focus on profitability. At RSM, I feel like it has become my second home.”

What are your interests outside of RSM?

“Having a young family is joyous as well as time-consuming. Any free time I have I enjoy watching movies, listening to music, gardening and, being Kenyan, I am built to run!”

What opportunities have you had at RSM that could have only happened here?

“Working with young, dedicated minds! I worked with our students on many projects. Their work ethic and motivation are impressive! Also, the in-house training centre at the university offers many opportunities for self- and team improvement courses either for free or very low rates.”

In what ways are you a force for positive change?

“I have a plant-based lifestyle, which equals less carbon footprint and an increased awareness for the well-being of animals. I’ve also worked on banning smoking on campus, installing energy-efficient equipment during planned renovations, and caring for the well-being of my team and colleagues.”


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