Dr Emilio Marti

Assistant professor in the department of Business-Society Management

At RSM since: April 2018
Nationality: Swiss

Portrait of Emilio Marti

Why did you choose to work at RSM?

“My research focuses on business sustainability and RSM is, in my view, in the top three of strongest schools in Europe in terms of research on business sustainability. RSM has a dedicated department that focuses on business-society management. RSM also produces and values high-quality research and has amazing faculty members.”

What has been your highlight of working here so far?

“It’s very motivating to teach in a master programme that is dedicated to business sustainability. We have around 140 students each year who are passionate about business sustainability. They end up as sustainability consultants or in other sustainability-related roles in leading companies. I’m confident that they will help make the economy more sustainable. I like RSM’s overall mission to be a force for positive change. Many faculty members truly believe in that vision. I also like working with some senior scholars at RSM, and the interaction with other junior faculty members in my department is inspiring.”

Where did you work before, and how does RSM compare to that?

“Before joining RSM, I was first a postdoctoral researcher at Cass Business School, City, University of London, and then I was a postdoc at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. Before that, I did my PhD at the University of Zurich. Comparing them is difficult because I played different roles in these different places. I did not have a faculty position before.”

What are your interests outside of RSM?

“I listen to a lot of audio books. At the moment, most of them are about parenting. We have two young daughters. They keep us quite busy.”

How do your efforts at RSM enable you to be a force for positive change?

“My research focuses on how pressure from shareholders makes companies more or less sustainable. Specifically, I do research on both shareholder engagement and its potentially positive role for business sustainability, and on activist hedge funds and their potentially negative role for business sustainability. I hope that this research will help make the financial sector more sustainable.”


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