Dr Merieke Stevens

Associate professor in the department of Technology and Operations Management

At RSM since: 2011
Nationality: Dutch

Portrait of Merieke Stevens

What make you decide to work at RSM?

“I chose RSM because of its international status as a strong research school. The size and diversity also attracted me. Particularly my department is very large, giving me daily access to a wide variety of research. I did my PhD at Cambridge Judge Business School. The history of Cambridge is impressive, but the entrepreneurial heart of RSM gave me the opportunity to expand particularly what I had been teaching thus far.”

What do you really like about being here?

“I’m inspired by something here every day! My department brings together many different nationalities, research settings, and methodologies. We always have lunch with a large group of colleagues which sparks new ideas, so I’m working on research projects that I did not even consider before. Because we take the time to freely bounce off ideas, sometimes something great is born that you did not expect at all.”

What are your interests outside of RSM?

“After living in Tokyo, London, Paris and Philadelphia, I moved to a small Dutch village at a lake. I keep sheep and chickens in my garden. I love it when the lambs and chicklets are born in the spring. When the Dutch weather is less nice, I practise Japanese calligraphy.”

In what ways are you a force for positive change?

“I’ve been fighting for the position of women in this school. Especially tenure track faculty who become a mother. RSM has put this on the agenda, and conditions have started to improve in recent years.”


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