Hakan Abali

Employer relations manager

Department: MBA Career Centre
At RSM since: July 2010
Nationality: Dutch/Turkish

Portrait of Hakan Abali

Why did you choose to work at RSM?

“The learning environment at RSM is a triangle between academics, students and the corporate world. Managing and dealing with multiple stakeholders has challenged me to come onboard to be part of building something new. Also, RSM is a renowned business school with a variety of international students and colleagues from who you can learn a lot from because of the variety of diversity in culture and backgrounds.”

What has been your highlight of working here so far?

“Time flies working here. We, the MBA Career Centre, create an improved agenda for the MBA students every year, tailored to the job market. We can only accomplish this together as a team of ambitious colleagues. I’ve never come to work with reluctance during my 10 years at RSM. Working in and as a team is important otherwise you can’t go beyond your boundaries.”

Where did you work before, and how does RSM compare to that?

“I started my career at ING Bank as a sales trainee in 2004. After 3.5 years I changed to a job in recruitment within an international recruitment agency. I can use my sales and recruitment experiences at RSM now. In this role I coached MBA students on their career development, and build and maintain relationships with corporate organisations who have an interest to meet these talents for their business."

What are your interests outside of RSM?

“My wife and I have two young children, and I like to spend most of the time doing something together, like playing games, swimming or visiting the petting zoo. I also enjoy to play sports such as football, running and cycle racing.”

What unique opportunities have you had at RSM?

“Each year, I’m privileged to learn from a diverse group of talented MBA students with about 40 nationalities and with various industry backgrounds. I collaborate with corporate organisations that have an interest in these future leaders. Based on the company needs I create a tailormade engagement. In this journey I learn a lot from my students and corporate organisations, and create a bridge where they can meet each other. Isn’t it great?”

In what ways are you a force for positive change?

“In my role at RSM and as a dad, I’m a role model in everything I do. I’m also responsible to inform others and make them aware about their actions and what kind of impact it has. This is the bases for everyone I think what we all could do at least.”


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