Vasileios Zaravellas

Assistant director MBA Marketing & Admissions

At RSM since: April 2014
Nationality: Greek

Portrait Vasileios Zaravellas

Why did you choose to work at RSM?

“As an Erasmus University graduate it felt like coming back home. RSM’s mission, values and philosophy matched with mine. Working in such an international and vibrant environment, where you’re able to have an impact on someone’s life through education is such a rewarding experience for everyone who works here.”

Where did you work before?

“My previous work was also within education but with way less personal contact. This is definitely something that RSM has to offer on a daily basis. It’s great to meet people from all over the world, and listen to their stories, motivation, dreams and aspirations.”

What are your interests outside of RSM?

“I enjoy travelling, and exploring the world and different cultures. I also enjoy sports and hanging out with friends.”

What opportunities have you had at RSM that could have only happened here?

“I have travelled to over 30 countries in 3 years for RSM. I have had the opportunity to meet people with amazing stories and unique life experiences. This not only helped me to grow as a professional but also as a person. I have the pleasure of working in a very dynamic and international team of amazing people who share the passion to make a difference through education.”

In what ways are you a force for positive change?

“Seeing the impact that RSM and its programmes has on people’s lives and business, and knowing that our team was a small part of this transformation is clear evidence of how we are a force for positive change in the world.”


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