Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) fosters and supports inclusive, non-partisan, non-political, non-commercial, positive and supportive communities. These guidelines are for volunteers engaged in alumni activities in collaboration with, or on behalf of, RSM, to ensure our networking activities provide a welcoming and safe environment and reflect the values and strategy of the university.  

Participating in activities 

RSM is committed to fostering environments that are free from all forms of discrimination and harassment, where everyone is treated as equals. Creating a welcoming environment during RSM activities is the shared responsibility all everyone involved, including the chapter leaders, committee members, participating alumni, and any other person in attendance, even when no official RSM representatives are present.  

As members of the community, everyone who participates in an RSM event or activity is expected to maintain professional conduct. RSM considers the following conduct to be inappropriate and subject to removal or exclusion from the RSM alumni network:  

  • Any discriminatory or harassing conduct directed toward another alumnus/a, participant, or any RSM staff member. This includes, without limitation, racial epithets, slurs, sexual connotations, leering, and any unwelcome physical touching, whether sexual in nature or not. 
  • Any act of physical violence or threat of violence against another participant, or any member of the RSM’s community. Please be mindful of what items you bring to events and consider other people’s potential discomfort before you bring it. 
  • Any behaviour or conduct which RSM deems inconsistent with its values, including any language, conduct, or behaviour which tends to limit or impede another person’s right to respect, civility, dignity, professionalism, diversity, equality, honesty, and safety at any RSM event or activity.  

Organising activities 

Anyone who volunteers to organise an activity or event on behalf of RSM is responsible for delivering experiences that are supportive, inclusive, non-partisan, non-political and non-commercial. As the RSM alumni community is an inclusive and safe network for all, RSM events, activities and platforms should not be used for the dissemination of political statements or commercial advertisements without prior approval from the Corporate and Alumni Relations Team. Prior to posting on any RSM social media channels, volunteers should ensure that the content complies with the code of conduct for online activities

Any data shared as part of the organisation of an activity must be treated confidentially and handled with care, in line with RSM data privacy policies. In case of a data breach, the Corporate and Alumni Relations Team must be notified immediately.  

Evidence must be provided for the use of any money received from RSM for the organisation of an activity or event. All spending needs to be pre-approved by the Corporate and Alumni Relations Team, documented with receipts and invoices, and reported to the RSM Corporate and Alumni Relations Team in a timely manner. 

Inappropriate conduct 

The Corporate and Alumni Relations Team reserves the right to prevent any individual from participating in future RSM events or activities, should they be violation of these guidelines. Any decision to remove, exclude or ban any individual engaging in inappropriate behaviour is at RSM’s discretion. RSM reserves the right to contact appropriate law enforcement agencies for any violations of civil or criminal law. 

This code of conduct is a guideline and is not intended to be a contract or agreement with any members, alumni, or participants. Questions about this code of conduct should be directed to the RSM Corporate and Alumni Relations Team via