RSM B.V. collects and uses data of RSM alumni (including those who graduated from EUR and previous iterations such as Interfaculteit Bedrijfskunde) and their guests to capture the alumni events in images and spread those images among the participants and for RSM B.V. and EUR marketing purposes.

For this, the following data is collected from participants:

  • Imagery.

The data is collected by a designated photographer or videographer hired by RSM B.V. or Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Why does RSM collect this data?

RSM B.V. collects data to capture events in images in order to create a lasting memory for the participants. It shares the data with the participants, and publishes them externally for marketing purposes, showing activities organized for and by alumni.

Pictures chosen for marketing purposes will be published internally and externally, in print and digitally, e.g. on websites, e-marketing, posters, banners, advertising, film, and social media.

Videos may appear on the RSM Digital Asset Management system, RSM YouTube channels or on RSM social media accounts, including on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

For the collection of data, the participant’s consent for marketing purposes is always required upon registration for or arrival at the event.

Photographs are archived for long term historical research, in the public interest, and to use in marketing for anniversaries, reunions, lustrums, and other special events.

Giving your consent for photography

Because any picture taken at an event may be published on any number of public channels, including social media, we will always explicitly ask for your consent when you attend an event.

We will always let you know that photography will take place when you register, and when you sign-in to the event.

We will use one of 3 different methods to obtain your consent:

  1. If we have planned to take a photograph or film you for a video, the photographer or videographer will ask you to sign a consent form.
  2. If the event has name lanyards or name badges, we will give you a choice one of two different colours. Blue lanyards and badges will indicate that you have consented to photography, and red lanyards will indicate that you have not consented to photography.

    Our photographers will be instructed to only photograph the faces of people that they are certain are wearing a blue lanyard or badge.
  3. If the event does not have lanyards or name badges, an area of the venue will be clearly designated as a ‘photo zone’. Where our events have designated seating, you will be able to choose which zone you want to sit in when you register.

    Our photographers will be instructed to only photograph the faces of people that they are certain are standing or sitting in the photo zone.

The system will be clearly explained on signage in the venue and in person when you sign into the event.

Who has access to this data?

Before publication, the data is securely shared with RSM B.V. by the contracted photographer via the RSM Digital Asset Management system, or another secure method – such as a secure signed-for courier delivery.

The data is shared with CAR who will select some or all pictures taken for publication. Those pictures will be shared with the Corporate Communication Department of RSM EUR.

Once data is published, it will be accessible to anyone who visits our websites, social media channels or reads the print publications where the photo has been used.

How long does RSM keep this data?

All photographs are securely kept are kept in the Digital Asset Management system for as long as the subjects remain alumni, unless you request their deletion. After 5 years, photographs are moved to the archive.

Archived images are no longer used for regular marketing purposes, but will be used for the marketing of relevant special communications, such as anniversaries, lustrum events, special campaigns or obituaries, as well as historical research in the public interest.

The archive will be managed by the RSM Corproate and Alumni Relations Team.


Your rights

You have the right to review your personal data, and the right to request correction or removal of your personal data. If you wish to know which personal data RSM processes, you can submit a request in writing. We will respond to your request within four (4) weeks. Should your data be incomplete, incorrect or irrelevant, you can submit an additional request to amend or compete your data.

To exercise your rights under GDPR, please follow this link

If you have any questions on privacy or your data security please email

To file a complaint, you can contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens) at