Frontiers in Business Information Management

Frontiers in Business Information Management

Our 'Frontiers in Business Information Management' masterclass series brings you the latest insights from our academic research, paired with real-life examples and experiences by expert professionals. These sessions will not only broaden your knowledge on the latest developments in business information management, they will also serve as an opportunity you to share your experiences and network.

Below is an overview of the masterclasses. All classes take place on campus at Rotterdam School of Management, Bayle (J) building, Burgemeester Oudlaan 50 and run according to the following time schedule: 18:00 Registration and buffet dinner
19:00 Masterclass
21:00 Networking drinks

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  • Academic speaker: Dr Otto Koppius, Assistant Professor of Business Analytics
    Practitioner speaker: TBC

    Remember Moneyball? Ever since its publication, the use of big data and analytics has swept throughout professional sports. Sports organisations are forced to search for continuous performance improvements because of the high-value stakes and the ever-present need to outperform competitors.

    Drawing on examples from football, rowing, cricket and hockey, we will discuss how analytics can uncover winning tactics on and off the field, can help to prevent athletes’ injuries, and can improve their fitness. You will also learn how it assists in improving talent development, and discover what managers in other industries can learn from sports analytics. Learn how analytics is transforming the football industry from a guest speaker from SciSports, the leading provider of advanced football analytics in the Netherlands and the revolutionary BallJames system.